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Everything you need to know...

What are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are semi-permanent, synthetic, faux mink or silk fibers that are applied strand by strand with specially formulated non-irritating glue to your own lashes to enhance your eye shape. “Women love extensions because they can make lashes appear fuller, longer, and younger looking, while completely eliminating the need for mascara." They are completely painless, and last up to three months with proper maintenance of fills every two-three weeks. After you get a brand-new lash set with us you will have regular fall out due to your natural lash cycle therefore it is recommended to get fills every three weeks, no more than twenty-one days. After your lash appointment, your lash artist will discuss how you should care for your lash extensions. The next two days following your appointment are important for how long your lash extensions will last. Your lash extensions need to remain dry and clean for the next forty-eight hours. That means no direct contact with water or sweat! After the next two days, you may then start cleaning your lash extensions with Berry Foaming Cleanser daily, tap drying, then gently brushing with spoolie. It is also normal to come in sooner than the twenty-one days for a fill. Alot of our clients do a "one week", which is only within seven days. One weeks are not listed on the website, please call any of our locations so we can help you schedule. Lash extensions are the best thing that has been pioneered for everyone. Ready to wake up and look flawless with your Berry Lashes? Book your appointment today. 

What is a Lash Lift?

There can often be confusion over what a lash lift is. In simple terms, it is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment. It is designed to boost the curl pattern of your own lashes and provide you with the classic no-makeup makeup look. But how does it work? A lash lift is a chemical process that curls your lashes. Unlike lash extensions, this type of lash enhancement only works with your natural lash length. There are no faux lashes involved in this procedure. That’s the best part about a lash lift. This cosmetic treatment boosts one of your natural features to its fullest potential. If you are already comfortable with cosmetic treatments, then the process will seem familiar to you. If not, then think about a lash lift as a hair perming appointment for your eyelashes. 

After your lash lift appointment, your lash artist will discuss how you should care for your lashes. The next two days following your appointment are important for how long your lash lift will last. Your lash lift needs to remain dry and clean for the next forty-eight hours. That means no direct contact with water or sweat! If you follow all of the aftercare instructions properly, you can expect to maintain your lash lift for over six weeks. Expert lash lift clients can make their lash lift last over eight weeks.

What is a Removal? 

Lash removals are a dedicated treatment, to remove all the existing lash extensions a gel remover is used. This product is carefully applied to the eyelash extensions to dissolve the adhesive bond that holds the extensions to the lash. Please leave the removals to the professions, you can damage your natural lashes if you remove your extensions at home by pulling them off.



  • If you experience extreme fall-out or any other issues within the first 3 days of your appointment, we can repair your lashes free of charge. To honor this agreement, all aftercare instructions must be met. This includes using our product recommended for eyelash extensions. 


  • NO refunds on services performed, deposits, or no shows / cancellation fees. 
  • We give our clients a 15-minute grace period to make it to their appointment. Any time after that, you may lose your appointment and will have to reschedule.  
  • We require a deposit to secure your appointment with us. The deposit is about 50% of the total service price. Deposit amount will go towards your service. This deposit is non-refundable. Credits may apply if appointment is rescheduled before the 24 hours of your original appointment.

After care..

  • No water on the eyelash extensions the first 48 hours of your new set

  • After care is essential. Making this a good habit will only improve the longevity of your lashes.

  • Making sure you use a berry cleanser to cleanse your lashes by removing any oils and build up.
  • We offer the best after care for our berry lashes in store.

 Stay away from..

  • Say bye bye to mascara!! Appling mascara to your lash extensions will only cause them mess up. 

  • Stay away from waterproof eye liners.
  • Do not cut, pull, or constantly mess with eyelash extensions.  


  • Maintenance is a key factor. Fill services must be done within 2-3 weeks (no more than 21 days)
  • New full sets of lash extensions are required to be redone every 2-3 months
  • We do not do outside fills (zero exceptions)

Berry Lash Lounge..

  • At Berry Lash Lounge we specialize in eyelashes. This is not an add-on service but our main focus.
  •  We offer six different sets, pop of color add ons, and Lash lifts + tint. 
  • Whether you are a natural doll or a glamours doll, we have the perfect set for you.

    Berry Set

    Classic Set

    Ravishing Set

    Duchess Set

    Volume Set

    Cleo Set

    Royalty Set

    Lash lift+ tint 

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