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VIP Membership

Berry Lash Lounge

Maintaining the lashes of your dreams will be easier with our VIP membership that is customized just for you. Our goal: to help you achieve your dream lashes with the perfect membership option for your lash goals, schedule and budget. Keep your lashes looking ready for LESS by becoming a member. Our simple VIP memberships allow you to get your lash fill appointments on the books at our exclusive MEMBERS - ONLY pricing. Get the set you know and love at our newest VIP discounted pricing.

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Membership Policy

Memberships include 2 refills per month (payment cycle) of either Berry/Classic, Ravishing/Duchess, or Volume/Cleo/Royalty eyelash extensions depending on the membership type selected, together with the listed perks and service discounts. All pricing above reflects services with any Lash Technician.

Members can upgrade to a different application type at an appointment for a minimal upgrade fee paid at the time of service. If this new look is a better fit, members are permitted to upgrade to a different membership type for an additional recurring membership fee. As a result, members are encouraged to use their refills as designed in order to maintain the fullness and natural lashes’ health.

Members may cancel their membership with 30 days’ notice and may carry over their credits for an additional 60 days following cancellation.
Membership is non-refundable and non-transferable.

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